Are you ready for all of the money you want and all of the freedom you can’t live without?

Ready for a 6 figure or multi 6 figure business? Want a rockin income and sense of ease? Want a business that works for YOU so everything you do to create an incredible income feels effortless? So the profits flow as well as the freedom.

This isn’t a pipe dream. 

Even if you are struggling, even if you are in pain, you can have a life and biz that fits you like a glove. In fact, I’ve shown scores of women just like you how to make that happen. Sound good? The path to the life you dreamed of, doesn’t go through someone else’s skill set, no matter how much they make or how much you admire them. It goes by building your biz around your own genius. And creating your own unique marketing map that leverages what you already love to do. This is what I’ve helped women around the globe achieve this for themselves, and if you’re ready to start, I’d love to help you do this as well.

Your Roadmap To Success

When I started using behavioral iridology to get really clear on my strengths, I was able to build my business fast, use my time effectively and operate in a way that honored what worked for me.  This was a game changer! Using iridology, I will help you discover how you best operate as an entrepreneur — your “entrepreneurial type” and use that as a basis for creating customized business building strategies that work for YOU.  I will teach you how to fast-track your business by starting from a place of your strengths, so you can get there as fast as possible and with a sense of ease. So stop following the crowd.  Start honoring who you are and how you naturally operate. You CAN create a thriving business and also enjoy what’s important in your life.

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Business Nurse
Business NurseSusan GreifCreative Arts Therapist
Before working with Debra, I was isolated and had no knowledge about having a business. Then I became more vocal about my business, making connections & increased my visibility so that people became aware of what I do and refer me to opportunities. Debra was my business’ baby nurse. She taught me how to nurture it, how to clean it up, how to find my money voice and taught me to care for my new baby when she finally finished her work. The information she provided me with was tremendous and I now own it. My clientele increased and so ...


Forward Momentum
Forward MomentumLoren Gelberg-GoffPsychotherapist MSW, LCSW, CHT
Prior to beginning work with Debra I was stuck in a pattern of developing a workshop/seminar piece of my practice but had no forward momentum. Everything was a major effort for minimal return. I began working with Debra in January and by March I had clarity, focus, forward momentum and the basis from which to maximize the return on all my efforts. It was like a huge sigh of relief that I finally had a path that was going somewhere real, and not simply a wish I had for making it so. Debra is both directive, and supportive. Everything that ...


Kiki OngCopywriter
Kiki OngCopywriterclarity & insight
I was stuck, unable to see my options or what I had to offer as a business or in my life. A short reading with Debra gave me such clarity and insight and reminded me of who I am and gave me conviction again of my purpose. Debra delivers the messages from your eyes with a combination of warmth, a no nonsense directness and assuredness that inspire trust and confidence. I feel like I was at a crossroads in life. Debra lovingly stopped me from spinning and turned me back onto my path. I woke up the following day feeling ...