I’ll show you how to recognize your money voice, capitalize on your unique gifts and re-energize your spirit while DOUBLING your current revenue. You will begin attracting the right clients, allow your business to serve you and organize your day so you can work smart and with ease.

My programs won’t only give you clarity on what is blocking you, but will also provide a fully customized, attainable action plan for you to reach your goals. A program designed specifically for you so you can get where you want and deserve to be.

Using wealth coaching and iridology – a unique, targeted technique to unveil your personal “operating system” – we will unveil what is blocking your success and holding you back, so you can finally realize and live your dreams.

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Meet Debra

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The Blog

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  • kiki-0363
    kiki ong
    "Clarity & Insight"
    I was stuck, unable to see my options or what I had to offer as a business or in my life. A short reading with Debra gave me such clarity and insight and reminded me of who I am and gave me conviction again of my purpose. Debra delivers the messages from your eyes with a combination of warmth, a no nonsense directness and assuredness that inspire trust and confidence. I feel like I was at a crossroads in life. Debra lovingly stopped me from spinning and turned me back onto my path. I woke up the following day feeling human and at peace for the first time in months. Less than a week later I have new insights into what’s possible that resonate with me and who I am. I can’t thank her enough.
  • loren-photo
    loren gelberg-goff
    "Forward Momentum"
    Prior to beginning work with Debra I was stuck in a pattern of developing a workshop/seminar piece of my practice but had no forward momentum. Everything was a major effort for minimal return. I began working with Debra in January and by March I had clarity, focus, forward momentum and the basis from which to maximize the return on all my efforts. It was like a huge sigh of relief that I finally had a path that was going somewhere real, and not simply a wish I had for making it so. Debra is both directive, and supportive. Everything that she says and does is with the absolute focus of guiding you to be the success you deserve. She lays out specific, goal-oriented tasks so that you break through the overwhelm and actually take meaningful steps toward your goals!
  • susan
    susan greif
    "Business Nurse"
    Before working with Debra, I was isolated and had no knowledge about having a business. Then I became more vocal about my business, making connections & increased my visibility so that people became aware of what I do and refer me to opportunities. Debra was my business’ baby nurse. She taught me how to nurture it, how to clean it up, how to find my money voice and taught me to care for my new baby when she finally finished her work. The information she provided me with was tremendous and I now own it. My clientele increased and so did my rates.

Discover your unique gifts, strengths and entrepreneurial type to INCREASE YOUR INCOME, ADD EASE to your business and SKYROCKET YOUR CONFIDENCE!

The secret is in your eyes…

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